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Snake Charmer now available on iTunes

In the spirit of her new SyFy movie with “teenage chart rival” Tiffany, Mega Python VS Gatoroid, Debbie has contributed a new song entitled, “Snake Charmer” which is now available for sale in the iTunes store! Click on the image to buy this sexy new dance single!

Ms. Vocalist Available in U.S.

“Ms. Vocalist,” released by Sony Music Japan International, will be available as an import on Amazon starting November 23, but you can pre-order now. The first album single, “I Love You,” was #1 on the international cable radio charts for the week of November 3rd.

Deb to release Ms. Vocalist album in Japan

On November 3, Sony Music Japan International will release “Ms. Vocalist.” The album is all new recordings of Debbie Gibson covering 10 Japanese hit singles, plus a duet with Mr. Vocalist Eric Martin and a Japanese version of “Lost In Your Eyes.” Gibson had such an amazing time singing these timeless and beloved Japanese hit songs. She is excited to return to Japan after almost a decade, and perform these songs and more at the “Retrolicious” concert on October 9. Get your tickets now!

Track Info:

Album Release date: Nov 3, 2010
(Sony Music Japan International, Inc. )
Cat # :SICP-2886

Covering below smash hit singles – cumulative sales of 20 million units!!

1.TSUNAMI (words & music by Keisuke Kuwata)
2.SAY YES (words & music by Ryo Asuka)
3.I LOVE YOU (words & music by Yutaka Ozaki)
4.Roman Hikou (words & music by Kome Kome CLUB)
5.Love Story wa Totsuzen ni (words & music by Kazumasa Oda)
6.TRUE LOVE (words & music by Fumiya Fujii)
7.Hitomi wo Tojite (words & music by Ken Hirai)
8.Sakurazaka (words & music by Masaharu Fukuyama)
9.HOWEVER (words & music by TAKURO)
10.Robinson (words & music by Masamune Kusano)
<*Bonus Tracks>
11.LOST IN YOUR EYES 2010 (English Version) ※self cover
12.Sekaiju no Dareyori Kitto(MSV Version) with Eric Martin (words by Show Wesugi, Miho Nakayama Music by Tetsuro Oda)
13. LOST IN YOUR EYES 2010 (Japanese Version) ※self cover

Tear Down These Walls

by Debbie Gibson
(c) 1993
from Body Mind Soul

Oh the voice of equality
Hearsay’s all I find
Put your money where your mouth is
We’re running out of time
Another generation
In a world of hurtful words
I listened for a ring of truth
But lies are all I’ve heard
Won’t somebody tell me why we hurt one another?

Tear down these walls
Once and for all I’m trying to
Tear down these walls
Tear down these walls
Once and for all I’m crying
No man’s too great or small to
Tear down these walls

Enough harsh blows, enough put-downs
We’re all one and the same
You are all my brothers
Though I don’t know you by name
With drastic measures needed
When ashes turn to tides
Will we stand up for each other?
Or stand on separate sides?
Won’t somebody tell me why we hurt one another?


Let’s build a bridge and meet halfway
And if we fall, we’ll fall together
I know there once was a dark day
But the past shouldn’t linger on forever
Can’t we try to see with one eye
In a world full of all our people

Fresh downloads are available!

Fresh downloads are now available at and iTunes! Deborah’s tribute to Broadway, Colored Lights, is finally available at all of the online stores as well as some hard to find dance mixes (Only Words, Electric Youth and Your Secret).

I’ve also made an iMix (which at the time Colored Lights wasn’t available) of the “Ultimate Deborah Gibson Collection“. iMixes are free to make on iTunes and now that Deborah has so much great music to choose from, feel free to make your own! Perhaps an iMix of all her best ballads?

Also, a fan named Plebes writes:”Great video, thanks for sharing this with us!!! And Deb looks Grrreeaaattt! Also, I just buzzed the “Already Gone” video on Yahoo Buzz, so if you want to buzz it up to help get the word out that our Deb’s is making hot new music, here is the link:  Click Here to BUZZ Already Gone on Yahoo “

It’s been a busy and exciting week here on the site and I’m going to try and step away from the computer until Monday! I hope everyone has a great weekend! xo Bob

Colored Lights Colored Lights


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Deborah Deborah


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Electric Youth (Remix Album) Electric Youth (Remix Album)


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M.Y.O.B. M.Y.O.B.


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Only In My Dreams 1998 Remixes Only In My Dreams 1998 Remixes


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Only Words (remixes) Only Words (remixes)


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Your Secret Your Secret


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Already Gone is almost here!

The online world premiere of Deborah’s new video for Almost Gone will be right here at noon Pacific this Friday, March 13th!

Set your alarms and we’ll meet back here and watch it together!

Already Gone Lyrics

photo by Ray Garcia

“Already Gone”

by Deborah Gibson

Don’t you know I know that you’re cowardly.
Cause you’re tryin’ but, you can’t break up with me.
Tip my hat, yeah, I been there done that.
Been a trophy, a trinket.
Don’t say it, I know you think it.
My bags are packed, one foot’s out the door.

I can’t take it anymore.
You say who cares?
You don’t have to, I’m bored.
You say, as you keep holdin’ on.
I know the signs.
The neon is blindin’ my eyes.
I’m already gone.

Once your eyes grow dark,
and affection wains,
life’s no longer full of flowers and candy canes.
Tip my hat, yeah I been there done that.
Been a bird in a cage gypped, but I ain’t had my wings clipped.
So ripe and ready to soar.


Gone is the laughter,
we built our world on.
All those days are over and done .
Your eyes they speak,
while your mouth it lies.
It’s not Halloween take off your disguise.


Gone, gone,
All I’ve ever wanted.
gone, gone,
you keep holding on.
gone, whooa, already gone.

produced by Fred Coury

cover photo by Ray Garcia


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