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Debbie on The Pop Ten with Lance Bass

Tomorrow(Friday, September 30th) Debbie will be calling in to The Pop Ten with Lance Bass on Sirius XM OutQ 108!! The show airs at 10PM ET/ 7PM PT!! 

She will also be giving away opportunities for fans to be her special guest at a private event held at Culture Club NYC!

A Tribute to My Mom on “Our” Birthday!

Since my Mother always reminds me today is “OUR” birthday, I thought I would take a moment to pay tribute to …the woman, the legend…the original “Momager”!
I will say, that at 41, I can still barely take care of myself. I am still learning how to juggle a career and having a domestic life!
At 41 Diane Gibson had 4 kids… Karen, the eldest, was in college already!
Add to that me being a teenager and about to embark on what would be an epic and manic time!
When she was roughly about 4 years younger than I am now, Diane – with no college education – had worked her way up from secretary to office manager for hugely successful NYC doctors. Think “Working Girl”! What she didn’t know, she fibbed about and bluffed her way ’til she learned the actual skills required …which she always did! As Tony Robbins says… “It’s never a lack of resources, but a lack of resourcefulness”, a lesson I learned watching both my parents somehow put food on the table, juggle jobs, get all of their kids to their lessons of varying kinds, participate in our school lives, social lives, you name it….all with basically no money and never leaving us in the hands of babysitters. I still don’t know quite how they did that!

When I was 12 years old, my Mom used the office Fed Ex supplies to get a cassette recording of a song I wrote on a Casio synthesizer called “I Come From America” in by the deadline (I was always a bit “last minute”!) … Well? It paid off. I won first prize which was $1000 and a chance to hear my song played on WOR Radio! Little did she know, she created a monster! I was already obsessed with the radio but, the thrill I got from hearing MY original song on the radio…well, that was the be all end all for me.

After watching me line up tape recorders on the ironing board in my attempt at “Multi track recording” my Mom bravely called an Uncle of mine in Vineland NJ and drove 3 hours to plead with him for a $10,000 loan to help me build a recording studio in the garage. He agreed and a producer was born!!! I will always be eternally grateful to Uncle Joe and to my Mother for having the guts to put herself on the line for me in this way. She did not just “believe” in me… she “KNEW” what I was capable of if given the tools.

Throughout the years, Diane educated herself in the ways of Publishing and Record deals and would sit at conference tables full of record execs in suits who were smuggly thinking “Oh, it’s the Mom…we can surely pull a fast one on her!”  Well, they couldn’t! She knew how hard I was working…to the point of panic attacks and fatigue…and by God, she was going to ensure that I was compensated as fairly as any other artist. She fought for my right to be able to record my original songs and produce or co produce and arrange… She backed me up when no one else would. This is not wasted on me to this day. I heard Tiffany say in concert just last month that she too was writing music at the time but she did not have people by her side empowering and encouraging her. She has now turned into a wonderful writer… Much harder without the support. Everyone should have a “Diane Gibson” in their corner! Most do not.

Now, as a woman, my Mom’s wish for me to know my own business should she get “hit by a bus” can sometimes backfire! It must be terribly difficult to wake up one day and realize that roles have changed and there is not the same kind of “protection” required of her. I am my own woman. With that said, last month when I was sick and freaking out because I was performing on GMA and not feeling my best… I knew I could look at her and I knew she knew what I was going through. Only she, in all the people in my life have been there from day one. From the church talent show to Madison Square Garden and everything in between. Only a mother would deal with ups and downs and roller coasters and musical tides changing and mood swings and on and on and on….    When people have jumped ship because the chips were not up…. she remained.

Very recently I was sitting on a career decision… She said “I support whatever you do. It makes no difference to me if you ever do a “hit” anything again. I just want YOU to be happy”. How many agents or managers would say that? I am lucky…both my agent and “Momager” would. They care about me, the human being…not just a paycheck.

Mama? It ain’t always easy, but know that I love you with all my heart and you gave birth to me 41 years ago today, so I wanted to celebrate “our” day and celebrate you…who never gets to take a bow.

BRAVO…. The wind beneath my wings!

Love, Your Daughter, Client, and Friend…..   DEBORAH

Photos of my mother and I at the Grammys 1988 and now


Have You Shared a Moment with Debbie?

Have we ever shared a moment… How about on my ‘Journey Through the 80’s Tour’ with Tiffany, at Good Morning America, or even back from my Electric Youth days?

If we have, prove it by sharing your photos with me! Email your photos and short blurbs about the time we shared together to and I’ll feature them in a Facebook photo gallery!

“Rise” Debuts on GMA

Hey everyone!
Dr. Rutledge and I are proud to announce the debut of Rise on GMA this Saturday!
7:45/8:45 AM
The Good Morning America segment “3 Words” will be going on simultaneously as I perform the song!!!!
We ask that you go to and see the below “3 word” suggestions as they pertain to this global universal message – People RISING  all over the world and owning their power!























It is your birthright! OWN IT! CLAIM IT!
It is time to RISE!
The song will be available exclusively on iTunes Saturday August 13th!
Ok everybody! RISE to the occasion!!!

Weight, Age, and Health!

Hey everyone!

I’m blogging again! Lol!

This time it’s on one particular topic. Weight, Age, and Health!

This topic has been on my mind as of late as I’ve been getting a lot of attention for being “in shape”. Which is cool! But NOT the be all, ahem – END all! Pun intended!

What bothers me is comparisons in this area. I read tabloids and one celebrity’s timeline as it relates to their physical appearance is compared to others. As if the number of years you are on the planet is relative to ANYTHING!

I love that Madonna dates younger men. And older men. And any men she pleases (oops! Pun NOT intended…but not deleting! LOL!). I get it!

Tina Turner rocks a leather mini skirt in her 70s.

I worked with Eartha Kitt who was kicking her leg over her head at 76! And….why not?!?

Agelessness is what I practice.

And a healthy lifestyle. But that means what’s healthy for ME!

It’s a lifelong process for everyone and  I am finally finally finally (yes, 3 finallys!) becoming free of crazy food addiction issues! As many of you notice, my weight’s gone up and down. 10 lbs too high for my liking, then 10 too low…but all part of a process that has lead me to a very natural happy place. FOR ME!!!

I started this journey of peeling the onion skin so to speak, a few years ago doing my man – Dr. Rutledge’s BTL program. 

This program really made me look at what I ate and why. It helped me differentiate between a craving and a nutritional need. It help me find other techniques for coping with emotional stress besides chocolate! Over the years I’ve taken two steps forward and one back. He’s watched with the utmost support and patience. Never judging my process or comparing it to someone else’s. I’ve had friends do the program too. It is not for the faint at heart! I wanted to take it on. And I’m so glad I did. But not to get press about my body. But for ME and the way I feel and how it informs the music I’m writing and how I carry myself and the energy I exude.
I keep saying this because, again, comparisons are NOT COOL! When people do this, they only create further issues for people who are trying to find their own path and peaceful place. We are all amazing different shapes and sizes. If someone can binge on Snickers and then swing it back to healthy eating, enjoy it, feel good….right on!

In fact, I had a psychotic snickers and potato chip fest a few weeks ago! Enough so that I went “Ok! I’m done with that and fine not touching crap for ages!”  and I haven’t ! But, I will again when I choose too. Man cannot live on chicken breasts alone !

On a practical note, after my sugar and starch fest, I felt that sane panic many people do when they feel they’ve gone too far. I was probably 5-8 lbs above what feels good to me by this point as I’d been on a bit of an off path for a few weeks. I searched the Internet reading about Gwyneth Paltrow’s cleanse, etc. I then got still and quiet and proceeded to invent my own concoction of chicken soup broth, an egg yolk, and olive oil. I later had a greens juice. For dinner I had a plain turkey burger. I just needed to not tax my system with certain things. Within days I was feeling so much better and not frantic and healthy and happy about how I felt. Then the outer picture caught up to match. Not the other way around. And again, this worked for ME! Lotsa protein and soup and salad and veggies. For someone else it may be completely different.

But, back to my original point…

SO…do I love the feeling of being able to use my body and abs in particular to showcase certain dance moves onstage? To be light on my feet performing? Yes! Am I still my own worst critic with my voice when it is not free and clear? Yes! Does one negate the other? No! I’m not high on how I look so….don’t believe the hype! Though I do own and embrace the fact that I am working hard at being disciplined and it is paying off. Period.

If I can inspire you to find your own very unique balance of health, fitness, fun, freedom, and peace then THAT is a mission accomplished.

There is just way too much emphasis on both age and size these days. It’s just been bugging me! I forget how old I am until someone asks! Why must you bs out out to pasture in a boring Chanel suit once you hit a certain decade?!? Fun and whimsy is free! For everyone !

Numbers whether on a scale or a birth certificate are meaningless.

You are eternally ELECTRIC YOUTH!!!

In closing…. Rock Whatcha Got!!!

On that note….

See ya in the Midwest… And you better get ready to Shake Your Love Children of the 80’s!!!

X Deb

OK! Magazine at the Journey Through the 80’s Tour

By Valerie Nome

After appearing on Good Morning Americatoday, Debbie Gibson and Tiffany launch their Journey Through The ‘80s tour tonight in Westbury, N.Y. (I can’t wait – and I can’t wait to see if mega-Tiffany fanBethenny Frankel will be on hand, too.)

When the former teen queens performed together at a club show earlier this year, Debbie rocked midriff-baring tops quite impressively, and she did the same today in the concert appearance.

She shares her secret to maintaining a taut tummy.

“My abs are all about what I eat and what I don’t eat,” she tells me. “For instance, I woke up in the middle of the night last night with a mini-bar Peanut M&M craving. I had two of them. In the past, I would’ve had the whole bag and more. I’m just into taking care of myself and being healthy. I try to save my indulgences for special occasions. It’s very much about the eating for me – and a little working out. “

On The Road Update

Hey Everyone!

With lots going on I thought I would write to you all to share some thoughts on this past week!!!
First of all… I am happily exhausted and having a BLAST!
I know I touched on it here and there but, I started last week really under the weather. It is heartbreaking when opportunities like GMA and The View come up and you don’t feel you are at your best. I can hear that speedy cold medication quiver in my voice and that bit of fear that creeps in when all the tools in the toolbox aren’t as sharp as can be… Well? I am my worst critic so again, it is tough. But – with that said – that is what makes it alive. Learning to accept imperfections is a challenge for all of us and I am no exception. I was in great spirits however, and hopefully that transcends all! I have had moments of hitting high notes flawlessly in my life but without the passion and excitement to back it. I would take raw and empassioned anyday…though again, we all want to be at our very best with millions watching! So, to amy of those out there commenting… yes, I know how I sound. I am under no delusions!
I taped a performance of RISE which will air in a couple of weeks on the weekend GMA and there too, I found my power a verse into the song…. Early morning, LA time, running from a quick change, never having performed the song before..a LOT of elements. But, there again, it was alive with all of those elements and eventually found it’s way. I could see the faces of the people in Central Park hearing and feeling the message in that song and it got me out of my own way! So, thank you New York!!! LOL!!! I was also lifted by the Harlem Alumni choir…they were SO fab!!! In case you want to know more about where this song came from, check out! This song is a labor of love that was born out of my man, Dr. Rutledge’s passion for helping those who are being threatened to be held down…to own their power and RISE!
Tiffany has been like  rock with her energy and vocal prowess! I know that anyone watching and listening can hear that but I wanted to personally acknowledge that I truly appreciate that and am as impressed as I have ever been by that gal! She is at the top of her game right now…in the midst of doing what she truly loves and it shows! Her album Rose Tattoo deserves your full attention….so go buy it now!!! I am also enjoying watching her enjoying the fashion aspect of the performances. She jokes that back in the day she was all about the denim jacket so now she is goin’ for the glitz and glamor, especially in the shoe department! Hmmm… I have not checked to see what size shoe she wears…. Better not leave any laying around Tiff!!!
The live shows have been thrilling! All that I mentioned above goes away in the midst of a live concert with all of that feedback from the crowd! I have always loved being onstage in front of a live audience more than anything!!! I get truly overwhelmed when I have that contact with all of you and can feel all we have shared through muic over the years. It is an amazing connection! Thank you for all the loyalty….
My band and dancers have been incredible. I had to mark a lot in rehearsals and they had ultimate trust and professionalism… this is not a glamorous tour! We are doing this because we want to bring some fun to the children of the 80’s and everyone has truly banded together to make that happen!!!
On another note…. Whoopi Goldberg is one of the nicest people I have ever met! Random side note I know…. But truly one of the most gracious performers I have ever met!
I also wanted to share with you what a ball I had doing a cameo in Rock of Ages.. WOW! Surreal going from playing Katy’s Mama to Russell’s Rockerchick buddy! I am in a crowdscene/mashup/musical number with some rockers from the 80’s!!!! Seeing the Sunset Strip re-created in Miami was a trip. Everyone on that shoot made me feel like part of the family…. Awesome time!
I do hope you come out to see the show and join in the fun! I am finally able to catch my breath and go on vocal rest for a few days, much to the dismay of my loud New York friends! I am resting and restoring for this next string of dates!
After these shows I will finally begin recording my new album…   The life I have been living has been feeding me as a writer and I cannot wait to share it all with you!
Send me good healing and grounding vibes….
Thank you all for all the great energy you send my way now, and have throughout the years!   X DEB


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